How it works

A perfectly tailored suit is not an immediate thing. You will have to work with your tailor to ensure everything fits perfectly.

We recommend booking your appointment 6 months before any event. This will allow enough time for fittings and any final touches needed.


Book an Appointment

Book a consultation with one of our consultants online. Consultations are divided into one hour slots to give us enough time to go over our process and begin taking head to toe measurements to get the perfect fit.


Pick Your Fabric

Choose from our Gold, Platinum, Executive, or Diamond fabric collection. Once your fabric has been chosen, we’ll help walk you through the design process. Each design takes on average 4 to 6 weeks, and we’ll invite you back for your first fitting.


Finishing Touches

We take pride in our work and want each client to leave our store feeling confident and happy. We encourage our clients to book in advance and give themselves enough time for alterations and fittings. This will help ensure their suit is tailored to perfection.


Get Inspired


Unique Custom Looks

View some of our custom suits created through our bespoke program